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Wednesday, July 24

9:10am EDT

5 Steps to Build an Inclusive Narrative and Dialogue That Supports a Fully-Inclusive Employee Experience and Company Culture - Cisco

Dialogue is the oxygen of employee engagement and inclusion. It has the potential to unify and increase awareness and understanding when employees seek shared meaning. Learn how to build an inclusive narrative to support a fully-inclusive employee experience and company culture.

Get out your notebooks as you learn 5 steps to help you design and deliver an inclusive employee experience that supports a collaborative company culture, including how to:

  • Assess the opportunity to leverage dialogue and create shared meaning
  • Benchmark inclusion and collaboration best practices
  • Create an inclusive communication strategy and framework
  • Build an inclusive narrative
  • Measure impact of engagement and continued growth

Sabrina Stoffregen, Inclusion and Collaboration Communications Manager              

avatar for Sabrina Stoffregen

Sabrina Stoffregen

Inclusion and Collaboration Communications Manager, Cisco
Sabrina is an accomplished executive communications and business development leader backed by 20+ years of experience at Intel and Cisco in brand marketing, employee engagement, employer branding, organization development and strategic communications.She is an accomplished public... Read More →

Wednesday July 24, 2019 9:10am - 9:45am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

9:45am EDT

Support, Communicate, and Inform Employees During All Stages of Organizational Change - HP, Inc.
Change Communications - "It's not rocket science. It's 20% commonsense and 80% people skills."

These are words of wisdom when asking: What does it take to be a great leader? In this session discover how these words can serve as the foundation of change management and communications strategies. Learn first-hand how some of the world's largest business transformations, including the separation of HP and most recently, HP’s acquisition of Samsung Printing, managed change.

Change is complex and ever-present. It’s also tough. But when you look at it through the eyes of your employees and put them at the center of what you do, you can create an environment where change is not only seen as needed but wanted.

Leave equipped with the knowledge to help you manage change across your organization, including how to:

  • Keep your employees engaged, inspired and informed
  • Recognize and respond to employee resistance
  • Implement creative ways to deliver meaningful messages

Kristin Taylor, Global Head of Employee Communications
HP, Inc. 

Wednesday July 24, 2019 9:45am - 10:20am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

10:50am EDT

Strategic Internal Communications Case Study - Medidata Solutions
Details coming soon!

Edward Ford, Senior Director, Talent Brand + Experience                                                                          
Medidata Solutions 

avatar for Edward Ford

Edward Ford

Senior Director, Talent Brand + Experience, Medidata Solutions
Edward believes that when people can easily connect with their colleagues and critical information, they can produce amazing results. He's committed to using his experience in communications, marketing and social media over the past decade to create a more rewarding employee experience... Read More →

Wednesday July 24, 2019 10:50am - 11:25am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

11:25am EDT

How Internal Communications Can Lead the Change and Set the Course for Leadership - McDonald's USA
Discover the role internal communications played during the most significant transformation in McDonald's history. See first-hand how the internal communications team not only evolved their work to meet the needs of the business change, but also how they helped leaders navigate the disruption.

Learn how it was done – and importantly – how to apply their findings to your role, especially during times of significant business transformation.

Jason Greenspan, Senior Director, US Strategy and Internal Communications 
McDonald's USA

avatar for Jason Greenspan

Jason Greenspan

Senior Director, US Strategy and Internal Communications, McDonald's USA
Jason Greenspan combines an extensive communication background with strategy expertise to make big things happen inside large organizations. He currently leads a team of 17 people responsible for all internal communications at McDonald's USA. This includes national and local communications... Read More →

Wednesday July 24, 2019 11:25am - 12:00pm EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

3:00pm EDT

Internal Communications and the Employee Experience: Connecting Communications to the Employee Lifecycle - BNSF Logistics
After numerous engagement surveys shed light on gaps BNSF Logistics was experiencing in their internal communications and senior leadership visibility, a decision was made to invest in strategies and new channels to improve internal communications. The first decision that was made was to house internal communications in human resources to have a direct connection to the initiatives that affect their people.
Learn about the approach taken by BNSF Logistics to connect their communications efforts to their talent brand and take a look at ways you can keep your dispersed workforce engaged and excited to work, including how to:

  • Communicate with employees during times of transformation
  • Effectively use engagement scores to improve internal communications
  • Know your audience when it comes to reaching a dispersed workforce

Sherrell Watson, Director, Internal Communications and Employee Experience          
BNSF Logistics

avatar for Sherrell Watson

Sherrell Watson

Title Director, Internal Communications and Employee Experience, BNSF Logistics

Wednesday July 24, 2019 3:00pm - 3:35pm EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

3:35pm EDT

Manage Change Through People, and Not People Through Change - G6 Hospitality LLC
G6 Hospitality LLC successfully implemented a major technology shift that not only simplified work for their field managers, but it also created a new level of accountability employees weren’t used to. Based on this insight, they structured their entire change management plan to include field managers along the change journey as well as create accountability throughout the change process, not just at the end. Their feedback influenced both the communication and training approach and much of the design for the end-product.

Discover first-hand practical tactics to help you support, communicate, and inform employees during all stages of organizational change, including how to:

  • Start with the end in mind – develop a change and communications plan that starts with the end-user
  • Get your employees engaged at all points during the change curve
  • Capture real-time data/feedback to create a flexible change management plan
  • Get your executive team and employees to take change seriously and be engaged throughout the process
  • Maximize limited resources to better inform employees, enhance company culture, and communicate effectively with employees and leadership

Ashley Morgan, Director of Internal Communications & Employer Branding
G6 Hospitality LLC

avatar for Ashley Morgan

Ashley Morgan

Director, Internal Communications & Employer Branding, G6 Hospitality LLC
Ashley Morgan, Director of Internal Communications & Employer Branding – G6 HospitalityWith 10+ years in the industry, Ashley has found ways to stay on pace with the changing needs of communications industry and organizational needs. Starting her career focused solely on internal... Read More →

Wednesday July 24, 2019 3:35pm - 4:10pm EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston
Thursday, July 25

8:30am EDT

Day 2 Kick off and Chairperson's Address
With a day, or two if you joined us in the workshops, under your belt you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Together we will recap yesterday's top takeaways and set the stage for this final day of learning.

avatar for Jill Christensen

Jill Christensen

Employee Engagement Expert, Best-Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker and Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencer, Jill Christensen International LLC
Jill is Founder & President of Jill Christensen International LLC, a global firm focused on teaching companies her proven strategy to increase employee engagement. Jill was a Corporate Communications Fortune 500 business executive at Avaya and Western Union prior to launching her... Read More →

Thursday July 25, 2019 8:30am - 9:00am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

9:00am EDT

Update, Modify, and Promote Your Organization’s Intranet to Become Part of Daily Office Life That Your Employees Want to Use - Barton Malow & Habanero Consulting
With employees nationwide and a large remote workforce, Barton Malow’s network needed an innovative internal communications strategy to keep employees empowered and motivated, to reach the company’s goal of doubling efficiency by 2024.

20 months after launch Barton Malow continues to evolve their intranet, adding new features and driving stronger engagement it has become a powerful internal communications tool to bridge the gap between employees, internal communications, HR and senior leadership.
Learn how you, too can revamp your existing intranet into a powerful employee collaboration tool without breaking the bank, including how to:

  • Develop empathy and understanding of the needs, goals, perspectives, and values of your organization
  • Ensure the right problems are being solved
  • Encourage co-create across the organization
  • Deliver an intranet that goes beyond news and benefits and includes: social sharing and commenting, a personal directory where remote and diverse workforce can easily connect
  • Update and evolve your organizations intranet with ease and without breaking the bank
  • Promote your intranet as an integral part of your employees daily or weekly experience and is something they want to use
  • Measures your success through the right metrics

Anna Cangialosi, Content Manager              
Barton Malow

Brian Edwards, Director of Products and Services     
Habanero Consulting

avatar for Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards

Director of Products and Services, Habanero Consulting
Director of Products and Services Brian Edwards leads, creates, and maintains the business plans and roadmaps of Habanero’s technology solutions and services. This includes developing an investment strategy for new offerings and developing partnerships that augment or complement... Read More →
avatar for Anna Cangialosi

Anna Cangialosi

Content Manager, Barton Malow
Anna Cangialosi is a Content Manager with Barton Malow Company. She works with various departments, leadership, and communities within Barton Malow to create and implement quality communications using various media applications. She works with teams across the organization to help... Read More →

Thursday July 25, 2019 9:00am - 9:35am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

9:35am EDT

Big Company, Small Team: How to Create Community with Limited Resources - AECOM Sponsored by Poppulo
Three years ago, employees in AECOM’s Design and Consulting Services business ranked internal communications as the second most disliked feature of their employee experience. In this year’s annual employee survey, there were zero negative comments about internal communications. How was this possible?

Discover how a small team of communications professionals built a community across 200 offices and connected 20,000 employees from over 100 legacy companies--both to one another and to the business.

Learn practical tips and insights from the AECOM team’s journey to transform communications from messaging to community and from chaos to connection, including:

  • Steps to cultural evolution
  • Targeting communications in the age of personal algorithms
  • How, and why, to DIY just about anything
  • Email is not the enemy--but it’s also not everything
  • Measuring what matters

Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy, Director, DCS Americas Communications

avatar for Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy

Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy

Director, DCS Americas Communications, AECOM
Ruth Kennedy-Mountjoy is Director of Communications for AECOM’s largest business - Design and Consulting Services Americas (DCSA). In this role, Ruth has contributed to the success of nearly 50 initiatives and multiple business objectives. She has transformed internal communications... Read More →

Thursday July 25, 2019 9:35am - 10:05am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

11:15am EDT

Empower Employee Breakthroughs, Both Big and Small, by Aligning Your Internal Communication & HR Strategies - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Facing a rapidly expanding workforce, the Human Resources team at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital paused to ask, “What do employees really need/want to know?” Using a people-centric approach, they began an employee experience journey.  

It started with the development of a compelling HR brand, “Breakthrough,” that allowed employees to connect with the support they needed to have personal and/or professional breakthroughs.

In this session see how the team developed and organized the brand, see examples of how it is used across their programs, and get a sneak peek into the foundation it’s laid for future employee experience initiatives, including how to:

  • Develop a compelling internal brand
  • Break down traditional HR messaging silos
  • Identify what a “brand” really means
  • Use your brand to communicate key HR initiatives

Jennie Bledsoe, Director of Internal and HR Communications                
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital              

avatar for Jennie Bledsoe

Jennie Bledsoe

Director of Internal and HR Communications, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Humor, authenticity, curiosity, energy and service—these are traits that Jennie Bledsoe carries through an internal communications career that spans corporate, virtual, call center, retail, franchise, sales, international, manufacturing and now healthcare workforces.Jennie is passionate... Read More →

Thursday July 25, 2019 11:15am - 11:50am EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston

2:10pm EDT

Don't Overwhelm Your Employees, Engage Them! - Desert Financial Credit Union
You have taken the steps to improve your internal communications, you have integrated new tools, you have mapped out a plan. Job done, right?

But how does your most valuable asset feel about these improvements? Are you about to overwhelm your employees with unnecessary information and company updates? Are these new strategies you'ree implementing helping or hurting their productivity?

Discover how Desert Financial Credit Union scaled down their communications to a "must know" not a "nice to know" format, integrated short engaging videos, and ensure their employees were on board with these internal communication improvements.

Lara Smith, Director, Internal Communications
Desert Financial Credit Union

avatar for Lara Smith

Lara Smith

Director, Internal Communications, Desert Financial Credit Union
Lara is a communications professional with proven experience strategically driving companywide goals and objectives that increase employee engagement through the execution of innovative integrated communications campaigns and programs. At Desert Schools, Lara partners with executive... Read More →

Thursday July 25, 2019 2:10pm - 2:45pm EDT
Hyatt Regency Boston