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Sherhara Downing

Level Comm
Founder + Master Trainer
As an international corporate trainer and facilitator, Sherhara transforms boring and jargon filled content into entertaining and effective presentations. She teaches corporate professionals proven strategies and tactics to transform communication skills.

Her dynamic personality engages audiences both in B2B and Business to consumer environments. Her client list includes, AT&T, Toyota, DirecTV, Verizon Wireless, Samsung and more. Through workshop format, Sherhara facilitates employee engagement and contribution. With 15 years
of experience, her skill sets resonate in the boardroom of CEOs to the living rooms of entrepreneurial leaders.

Sherhara educates, engages, and empowers audiences to elevate communication skills that improve productivity and performance. Sherhara’s lifestyle and livelihood is sourced by her ability to
speak, communicate and connect. Any company benefits from Sherhara’s passion; to make human interaction effortless.